Aykun Murat ALAN

Aykun Murat ALAN

Strategic Communication and Brand Consultant

Aykun Murat ALAN

Strategic Communication and Brand Consultant

For me, the primary factor underlying success is 'professional pleasure'.

Aykun Murat Alan, a graduate of Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations, worked in major companies in the public relations sector for more than 8 years. During this period, while providing brand and strategic communication consultancy to institutions operating in the national and international arena, as well as carrying out numerous events on a national scale, in 2014, he founded AKare Communication Management with the motto “Innovative Approach to Communication“.

Who is Aykun Murat ALAN?

Arguing that communication is an integrated discipline and that it should be managed simultaneously, consistently and sustainably, Aykun Murat Alan has a special interest in the fields of digital marketing communication management, integrated marketing communication management, brand communication management, crisis communication management and corporate reward communication management.

“For me, the primary element underlying success is professional pleasure. If I do not enjoy the job at the end of the day, it means that job is not yet completed for me.” he expresses his professional approach. To date, Aykun Murat Alan has provided strategic marketing communication and brand communication consultancy to more than 300 national and multinational institutions and organizations operating in the health, sports, food, B2B, technology, automotive and retail sectors, as well as individuals who want to use communication activities effectively. 

Aykun Murat Alan, a member of TÜHİD [Turkish Public Relations Association], founded AKare Communication Management in 2014, serving national and multinational brands as well as individuals who tend to manage communication effectively; He provides consultancy on more than 20 service items, including strategic media relations management, content production-based digital media management, digital marketing communication management, brand communication management, special project and event management, CSR project management and influencer marketing.

Apart from his professional life, Aykun Murat Alan, who is closely interested in indoor sports, was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Just Women’s Basketball, the first and only digital and print women’s basketball platform in Turkey, for 9 years.

On the other hand, Aykun Murat Alan, who played high-level basketball in different categories and tournaments for a long time, continues his passion for strategic communication and marketing communications in sports by providing consultancy to professional sports clubs, sports organizations, athletes from different branches and federations.

Fluent in English, Aykun Murat Alan loves traveling to different geographies, tasting the cuisines of different countries and discovering new places with special concepts. 

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